Most people do not like using prepaid debit cards because of the high charges per transaction. Through the latest walmart money card review, many clients now appreciate using prepaid cards that do not charge transaction fees. These cards also have other benefits and enhanced features that make them a favorite.

With a little research online on prepaid cards, their features and how to apply for them,   then you will easily identify a good prepaid card. Walmart money card is popular among many people. This is mainly because of the features, rewards, and easy to load option.

Here are a few things you should know about the Walmart money card:

  1. Pricing

This is one of the things you should review when researching on prepaid debit cards. Many prepaid card users are charged for bank transfer, getting cash back with every purchase or reloads. With a prepaid Walmart card, there are no such charges. The withdrawal and balance inquiry charges are also relatively lower compared to charges by other prepaid cards issuer. You may avoid some of the monthly fee charges if you load a certain amount of money every month. You may review the terms and conditions of the Walmart money card first to understand how you can take advantage of such options.

  1. Rewards

In addition to not being charged for purchases made with a Walmart card, you also get rewards for usage of cards. You should use your card at Walmart fuel outlets and Murphy USA. For online shoppers, when you shop at with your prepaid card you will also get rewards. The rewards may total to almost seventy-five dollars. You should aim to shop more with the Walmart money card to take advantage of the rewards.

  1. Main features

By comparing the main features of prepaid cards, you can easily make a decision on what card is best for you. The main features of the Walmart money card include sending money to other selected cards free of charge, free online purchases, tracking transactions, and paying bills with the card. You may also find retail outlets near you using the mobile app. These options of saving money in your vault for emergencies or future use is also one of the most popular and unique features that you get when you apply for this card. Since every prepaid card issuer knows the importance of fighting off competition, they usually have special features and other improved features with time. You should keep checking for such updates online so that you can take advantage.

  1. Using the Walmart money card

Before you use the card, you have to load some money. There are various options to load money making it convenient for users. You may load directly to the account, use Money Pak or through online transfers. You may also reload at any Walmart outlet or through checks. After you load the card you can start using the card. You should review limits on usage to avoid inconveniences.

Having a prepaid Walmart card makes shopping easier and convenient. For those who qualify for rewards, you also save some money every time you use the card as per specifications.

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