Synthetic urine can be described as a substance that has a composition similar to that of real urine. It’s more or less the same as real human urine only that it’s made of artificial chemical substances.

Synthetic urine is mostly used by people who’ve been subjected to a drug test and can’t produce their real urine because they’ve contaminated it by their regular use of drugs. They produce synthetic urine instead which guarantees them passing the drug test.

This urine is often sold as a powder or a mixable element. It comes in a kit with instructions on how to use it. 

Synthetic Urine’s Main Function

To answer the question of whether synthetic urine really works or not, it’s important first to analyze what its main function is. As mentioned above, it’s commonly used for passing drug tests.

A drug test can be described as a chemical-based test that is conducted to ascertain whether an individual has ingested any illegal substances. This test is mainly done by analyzing an individual’s urine.

These tests are usually done by organizations seeking to hire an individual, during a legal case of a person accused of an offense involving drug use, for athletes who need to pass a drug test in order to participate in a competition, and many other criteria that require such a test to be done.

Some of the elements that the test seeks to detect in the urine are alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and opiates, just to mention a few. Failing the drug test would really hinder an individual from accessing great opportunities or worse still, subject a person to a jail term where the person is facing a criminal offense charge.

This then leads people to turn to synthetic urine as an alternative sample to produce during the drug test.

This urine has enough levels of creatine, nitrates, urea, uric acid, and an optimal PH level similar to that of real urine. It smells just like real pee and has an even balance of water and minerals which gives it a color appearance resembling urine. When presented in a lab for a test, it will certainly guarantee any individual passing the test.

Will It Work?

There have been many concerns about how reliable synthetic urine is in passing a drug test. A good number of people have used it and failed the test miserably. This, however, doesn’t mean that fake urine doesn’t work.

The cause of failure of a drug test after using fake urine is sponsored by individuals not following the set instructions. Some don’t mix it as expected, some mix it too early before the drug test and by the time they present it as a sample, it has already lost its effectiveness and will quickly be detected as fake.

Some store it at a temperature that’s below or above what is provided for in the instructions. Worse still, some buy some fake urine samples that really never work. All these things will guarantee poor results.


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