If you still think that synthetic urine is a hoax, then it is time you knew the truth: synthetic urine is a real thing. Most people are now using synthetic urine to pass drug tests. When you use a drug such as marijuana, you cannot rely on your urine to pass a drug test.

Remember that drug test is not only a problem for regular substance users, but also for one-time users. Thus, most drug users turn to synthetic urine to test negative for drugs. However, testing companies are also aware of this trick and are setting up measures to catch such people. Fortunately, it is possible to pass your drug test if you know the components that make it “real.” Here are five components that make synthetic urine “real.”

  1. Color

Though it may seem obvious, the first thing that testing companies will watch out for is the color of your urine. Your “fake urine” cannot be of any color. Fortunately, chemists have figured out a way to make synthetic urine look like the real urine. The urine is usually a warm yellowish, and it is never colorless.

  1. Creatinine Level

For synthetic urine to look like it is straight out of the body, chemists use minor solutions when making “fake” urine. Low creatinine levels are not a factor to make urinalysis positive.

  1. Temperature

You have to make sure that your synthetic urine is of the same temperature as the real thing. As a result, chemists add chemicals to the liquid to standardize synthetic urine and make it to appear authentic. The original urine is about 37 degrees Celsius.

  1. PH Level

The pH value measures the acid and base level of the urine. Scientists measure the pH value from the original urine, and then add or dilute certain components to make it appear original. Chemists then test the result to ensure that the mixture is of the right pH value.

  1. Uric Acid

Since the urine from your body has uric acid, testing companies will look for the presence of it when conducting a drug test. As such, it is crucial that scientists add uric acid to synthetic urine.

When purchasing your synthetic urine, ensure that you do so from a trusted dealer. The demand for this product has increased counterfeit product. Visit quickfixsynthetic.com to read reviews on the best urine to pass your drug test. Since a drug test can pop up any time, it is vital that you make sure that your “fake”, pee is not expired. Make sure you check for the expiry date and choose the one with an extended shelf life. You can also purchase an extra bottle or periodically replace your urine with a fresh one. When cheating a drug test, different brands will have different processes although they may use similar principles. Most kits come with heating pads to test the temperature and belts for easy hiding.