London is known to be among the top tourist destinations and is known as a romantic city. It features many romantic locations and plenty of activities to keep a couple occupied throughout their stay. That is why a weekend away to London could be just what you need.

But before you pack your bags for that weekend romantic getaway, here are a few tips to help with your planning.

Book early

Picture this. You arrive in London and you have no place to stay and no means to move around. By the time you start figuring things out, your weekend is almost gone.

To avoid this, make early bookings. Book the hotel and means of transport early. Also, book the activities early. Some venues may require you to buy tickets early if you don’t want to miss out such as movie and theatre tickets.

There are many romantic places you can stay in London and what you will choose will depend on your needs. Whether it is a luxury hotel, bed & breakfast, or an apartment, make sure you do your booking early.

Once you arrive in London, you will need a means of transport to take you from the airport to the city. You will also need to move about as you visit various romantic places in the city. While you can take public transport, chances are high that you might get lost considering the vastness of London.

The best thing is to hire a car in advance. This way, when you arrive, your main concern will be to visit various places without worrying about how to get there.

Plan activities in advance

What do you intend to do when in London? Will you visit Thames, London Eye, Hyde Park, Notting Hill, Greenwich Park, Kensington Gardens or Buckingham Palace? Whatever you intend to do over your romantic weekend, ensure you plan early. You don’t want to spend half of your time there deciding where to go. It should be time well-spent enjoying your romantic experiences.

Also, when you plan together, you are likely to choose places that you will both enjoy and not where one person is bored while the other one is enjoying.

By planning your activities early on, you will also know the best place to reserve your accommodation near the sites you will visit, and the convenient means of transport. You do not want to spend your day in the car moving from one side of the city to the other because of poor planning.

Throw in a couples massage

Your romantic weekend in London should not be complete without a couples massage. Could be the purpose of your romantic weekend getaway is to reconnect and refresh your relationship. Maybe you are going through a rough patch in your relationship and you need to ignite the fire.

Couples massage London can help you to achieve that and much more. You can experience deeper connection and bonding as you watch each other being massaged simultaneously. You will also get to relax as you release your physical and emotional problems.

Therefore, as you plan your romantic weekend in London, be sure to include couples massage. You should also book early to avoid last minute disappointments.